Cowboy Hat Color Rules: Everything you need to know

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In the world of cowboy hat fashion, there are no rigid rules dictating the choice of colors. However, understanding traditional color associations and common preferences can help you make the best decision for your personal style, occasion, and practicality.

From classic white and black cowboy hats to versatile brown and gray options, and even the bold colored hats, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re coordinating with brown boots, choosing the perfect hat for a special event, or aiming for a striking contrast, it’s essential to balance your outfit and ensure it represents your unique fashion sense.

In this guide, we’ll discuss cowboy hat color rules, matching hats with boots, and various styling tips for creating a well-coordinated and stylish look.

Cowboy Hat Color Rules

There aren’t any strict rules when it comes to cowboy hat colors, but there are some traditional associations and common preferences. 

The color of a cowboy hat can be chosen based on personal style, practicality, or the occasion. Some common color associations are:

White cowboy hats: Often associated with “good guys” or heroes in western movies, these hats are typically worn for special occasions, such as weddings or horse races. White hats can also be worn during the summer months as they are thought to keep the wearer cooler.

Black cowboy hats: Traditionally associated with “bad guys” or outlaws in western movies, black hats are popular for their versatility and ability to match with various outfits. They can be worn for both casual and formal occasions.

Brown cowboy hats: A popular choice for their practicality, brown hats are often associated with working cowboys and ranchers. They are typically made of durable materials like felt or leather and can be worn for everyday use.

Gray cowboy hats: Another versatile option, gray hats can be worn in both casual and formal settings. They offer a neutral alternative to black and brown hats.

Straw cowboy hats: Typically lighter in color, straw hats are popular for summer wear due to their breathability and lighter weight. They can come in natural shades like beige or tan, as well as dyed colors.

Colored cowboy hats: While less common, cowboy hats can be found in a variety of colors like red, blue, and green. These hats can be worn for fun or to make a bold fashion statement.

What color cowboy hat should I get?

The color of the cowboy hat you should get depends on your personal preferences, wardrobe, and the occasions for which you plan to wear it. 

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a cowboy hat color:

Personal style: Think about your personal style and what colors you usually wear. You may want to choose a hat color that complements your wardrobe and accessories.

Occasions: Consider the events or occasions where you plan to wear the hat. If you need a versatile hat for various situations, black, brown, or gray are safe choices. For special events or casual summer outings, a white or straw hat might be more suitable.

Practicality: If you plan to use the hat for work or outdoor activities, a brown or gray hat made of durable materials like felt or leather is a practical choice. These colors are more forgiving when it comes to dirt and wear.

Season: The season can also play a role in choosing the hat color. Straw hats in lighter shades are popular for summer, while darker colors like black, brown, or gray are more common for cooler months.

Boldness: If you want to make a statement, you can opt for a hat in a vibrant color like red, blue, or green. These colors can showcase your personality and make you stand out.

What goes with brown boots?

Brown boots are versatile and can be styled with various outfits. 

The key is to choose complementary colors and clothing items that suit your personal style. Here are some ideas for what goes well with brown boots:

Denim: Blue jeans, particularly in darker shades, pair well with brown boots. You can wear them with skinny, straight-leg, or boot-cut jeans for a casual and stylish look.

Earth tones: Brown boots work well with earth-toned clothing, such as beige, olive green, mustard, and rust. These colors create a harmonious and warm outfit.

Neutrals: Pairing brown boots with neutral colors like black, white, and gray can create a balanced and classic look. For example, you can wear brown boots with black jeans and a white shirt for a casual outfit.

Patterns: Brown boots can be paired with patterned clothing like plaid, stripes, or floral prints. Just make sure the patterns include colors that complement the shade of your boots.

Dresses and skirts: Brown boots can be styled with dresses and skirts for a feminine and chic look. Pair them with a flowy midi dress or a denim skirt for a casual outfit. For a more polished look, wear your brown boots with a pencil skirt and a blouse.

Layering: Brown boots work well with layered outfits. For example, you can wear them with a simple shirt, a cardigan, and a scarf for a cozy fall or winter look.

Accessories: To complete your outfit, consider accessories that match or complement the shade of your brown boots. A brown belt, a bag, or a hat can help tie your outfit together.

When styling brown boots, consider the specific shade of brown, as well as the style of the boots (e.g., ankle boots, knee-high boots, or cowboy boots). This will help you choose the most appropriate clothing items and create a cohesive look.

Does your cowboy hat have to match your boots?

While it’s not a strict rule that your cowboy hat has to match your boots, coordinating the colors can create a polished and cohesive look. 

However, it’s more important to focus on your overall outfit and personal style rather than trying to match your hat and boots perfectly.

Here are some tips for coordinating your cowboy hat and boots:

Choose complementary colors: Your hat and boots don’t have to be the exact same shade, but selecting complementary colors can help create a balanced look. For example, if you have dark brown boots, you can choose a lighter brown or beige hat.

Consider the occasion: If you’re dressing up for a formal event or a themed party, you may want to match your hat and boots more closely for a polished appearance. In casual settings, you have more flexibility to mix and match colors and styles.

Focus on the overall outfit: Ensure that the colors and styles of your hat, boots, and clothing items work well together. As long as your outfit looks cohesive and well-coordinated, your hat and boots don’t have to match perfectly.

Express your personal style: Your choice of cowboy hat and boots should reflect your individual taste and preferences. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations and styles to find what makes you feel most comfortable and confident.

Remember, fashion is about expressing yourself and feeling good in what you wear. As long as you are happy with your outfit and feel confident, there’s no need to worry too much about whether your cowboy hat and boots match exactly.

What to wear with a brown cowboy hat

A brown cowboy hat is a versatile accessory that can be paired with various outfits. 

When styling a brown cowboy hat, you want to create a cohesive outfit that complements the hat’s Western aesthetic. 

Here are some ideas for what to wear with a brown cowboy hat:

Denim: A classic choice is to pair your cowboy hat with denim, such as jeans or a denim shirt. You can opt for a light, medium, or dark wash to create a look that suits your personal style.

Western-style shirt: Wear a Western-style shirt with snap buttons, front yokes, and/or decorative embroidery to enhance the cowboy theme.

Boots: Cowboy or Western-style boots are a natural choice to complement your brown cowboy hat. Look for boots in brown, beige, or black to keep the look cohesive.

Leather belt: A leather belt with a decorative buckle can add a nice touch and tie the outfit together.

Layered look: For cooler weather, layer a denim jacket, suede jacket, or a plaid shirt over your outfit to add extra warmth and style.

Remember, you can choose to go all-out Western or opt for a more subtle look by mixing Western elements with your everyday wardrobe. The key is to balance the statement piece (the cowboy hat) with complementary clothing and accessories.

What colors go with tan boots?

Tan boots are a versatile piece of footwear that can be paired with a variety of colors. 

Here are some of the best color combinations to try:

Blue: Blue is a classic color that pairs well with tan. Try pairing your tan boots with a pair of dark blue jeans, a navy blue blazer, or a light blue dress.

Green: Green is another great color to pair with tan. Try pairing your tan boots with a forest green sweater, a khaki green skirt, or a lime green top.

Red: Red is a bold color that can add a pop of color to your outfit. Try pairing your tan boots with a red dress, a red scarf, or a red lipstick.

Black: Black is a neutral color that can be paired with any other color. Try pairing your tan boots with a black dress, a black blazer, or a black pair of jeans.

White: White is another neutral color that pairs well with tan. Try pairing your tan boots with a white dress, a white top, or a white pair of pants.

No matter what color you choose to pair with your tan boots, you’re sure to create a stylish and put-together look.

Here are some additional tips for styling tan boots:

Consider the occasion. If you’re dressing for a casual event, you can go for a more relaxed look with jeans or a skirt. For a more formal occasion, you can pair your tan boots with a dress or a skirt.

Think about your personal style. If you have a more classic style, you can pair your tan boots with neutral colors like black, white, or navy. If you have a more edgy style, you can pair your tan boots with bold colors like red or green.

Have fun with it! There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to styling tan boots. Experiment with different colors and combinations until you find a look that you love.

What color cowboy hat to wear with brown boots

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a hat is deciding on the color.

The color of your hat depends on the color of your boots and shirt as well as the style of your outfit.

If you wear a brown cowboy hat with a brown shirt and brown boots, you will look like a “one trick pony” and it will detract from your overall appearance.

To choose a hat that matches, you want to pick colors that are close but not exact. 

For example, if you are wearing brown boots and belt and a tan or light-colored shirt, then you would want to wear a black cowboy hat.

Black is always an appropriate color for a man’s western hat.

If you wear black boots, skip the black hat in favor of one in another color such as blue or brown.

This way, your outfit won’t have an over-all western appearance but instead it will appear stylish and well-put together.

What color goes with brown cowboy boots?

Brown is a neutral color, which means that it’s not going to clash with any other colors. 

What color goes with brown cowboy boots?

However, some colors will look better with brown than others.

Just like you can wear blue jeans with almost anything, you can pair brown boots with just about any color of clothing.

For example, if you were wearing a blue shirt and a brown belt, you could wear the same exact blue shirt and the same brown belt with blue jeans without looking too weird.

But if the shirt was red or green, the outfit would just look strange together.

How do you match a cowboy hat?

There are many things to think about when we want to match a cowboy hat.

How do you match a cowboy hat?

The most important thing is the color of your boots, and then you can choose a hat that matches that boot’s color.

A black hat goes well with brown or black boots. A gray hat also can go well with brown or black boots.

A tan hat will match well with brown, black or tan boots.

A white hat can go with any color boot! 

I have always been told that a white hat goes with everything, and it does! You can wear it anywhere and look great!

When can you wear a black cowboy hat?

With a black cowboy hat, most people tend to wear it for a more formal setting, such as a wedding. If you are going to wear a black cowboy hat with brown boots, you would want to wear a more formal outfit such as a suit.

When can you wear a black cowboy hat?

That being said, there are some people who like to mix things up and do not feel as though they have to abide by the rules.

With that in mind, if you would like to wear a black cowboy hat with brown boots, then do it! Mixing things up can be fun. 

Just make sure that your outfit is appropriate for the situation.

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