Texas Mountain Laurel: How to Grow it In Your Garden

Shrubs provide shade, create a habitat for local pollinators and other wildlife forms, and help stabilize the soil.  But, planting Texas mountain laurel shrubs provides more landscaping benefits. The Dermatophyllum secundiflorum is native to Texas but can also thrive in several regions between USDA zones 7b and 11.  This article will delve into the secrets … Read more

The Texas Horned Lizard

Have you ever seen the looks of the fascinating types of horned lizards? They’re marvelous creatures with their spiky bodies and horned heads. Primarily, the Texas horned lizard is one of many types of horned lizards living in North America. Although often confused with the Texas spiny lizard, it possesses some unique characteristics. In this … Read more

Elegance in Bloom: A Guide to Texas White Wildflowers

As spring unfolds its charms, the vast landscape of Texas comes alive with a breathtaking display of blossoms.  Among the numerous varieties that grace Texas, white wildflowers stand out as a symbol of elegance. These flowers include common chickweeds, daisies, and much more! Continue reading this article to explore 10 exquisite white wildflowers in Texas. … Read more

What Is The Texas Panhandle?

If you want to move into a new location with incredible landscapes, supportive communities, and rich culture, then the Texas Panhandle is a considerable option. But what is Texas Panhandle? The Texas Panhandle is far north of the Lone Star State, home to vast, grassy plains, magnificent canyons, and thriving wildlife.  Apart from its promising … Read more