An In-Depth Guide to Texas Jackrabbits

Texas Jackrabbit in a garden

The Lone Star State is a land of many wild animals, and among the native inhabitants are jackrabbits. Whether you’ve driven the dusty roads of Texas or ventured into its beautiful shrublands, you’ve probably spotted those long-eared creatures and mistook them for rabbits. Although there’s some resemblance, those two animals aren’t the same. In this … Read more

13 Most Unwanted Texas Invasive Species

An aerial view of Barton springs Austin Texas

Texas is rich in wildlife and vegetation, but all natives know about the state’s invasive species. The lone star suffers from a myriad of invasive species both in water and on land. Wondering what are the most unwanted Texas invasive species? This article lists 13 of the most unwanted Texas invasive species. It divides these … Read more

Texas Cedar: A Comprehensive Guide

Sparks fly at the mention of Texas cedar. Things get particularly sticky when spring rolls around and the tops of Hill Country turn a mesmerizing blue. Residents find themselves reaching for the tissue box while allergists get busy. The tree is such a hot topic that a Texan representative wanted to allow landowners to chop … Read more

Is Austin in Texas?

Top view of Austin Texas summer landscape

If you’re planning to visit or move to Texas, the vibrant city of Austin might be at the top of your list of places to explore. You might wonder where this city’s located and what it has to offer. You can find the city of Austin at the heart of Central Texas, along the Colorado … Read more

Why Is It So Hot in Texas?

Landscape of West of Texas

The State of Texas is popular for many things, whether it’s the wide open spaces, the amazing culture, or the rich history.  However, like other Southern States, many people associate Texas with high temperatures — and you’d be correct for thinking that! This brings us to today’s question: Why is it so hot in Texas? … Read more

Why Is Texas Called the Lone Star State?

Sunset skies in Texas Canyon

Texas is the second-largest state in the US, but it’s famous for much more than that. For starters, it’s the origin of the cowboy culture we all know and love today.  Other than that, it’s the epicenter of country music and amazing barbeque. Because of that, people from all over the world visit the state … Read more

What Is Texas Toast? The Complete Guide

Aerial drone views above Texas downtown skyline

When it comes to food, the Lone Star State has plenty to offer. From chicken fried steaks with gravy to chocolate tarts, there’s something for everyone.  Although, there’s one dish that’s universally popular across the entire state. Texas toast is one of the most beloved snacks in the area.  Each slice of bread is about … Read more

What Does Texas Mean?

Aerial drone views above Texas downtown skyline

Texas is one of the largest states in America and is known for its incredibly rich culture and history. However, one thing that has always fascinated many people is the word “Texas” itself, and where it comes from, which drives many people to wonder “what does Texas mean?” The most popular story, according to Historians, … Read more