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Reaching a growing community of readers passionate about Texas, TexasWalkabout.com is a multi-platform blog dedicated to those who love exploring the Lone Star State’s culture, history, natural beauty, and cuisine. Since our launch, we’ve offered daily coverage of interesting news, travel tips, and hidden gems across Texas, as well as guides, practical advice, and reviews.

Our mission at TexasWalkabout is to make discovering Texas more approachable for people of all backgrounds and interests. Whether you’re a native Texan or a curious traveler, we’re here to provide engaging content that inspires you to explore the state’s unique offerings. From iconic landmarks to lesser-known treasures, we share insights and recommendations to help you make the most of your Texas adventures.

Not just about travel, TexasWalkabout also covers the diverse and delicious world of Texas cuisine. From the best barbecue joints to mouthwatering Tex-Mex, we dive into the flavors that define the state. Additionally, we provide exclusive interviews with local chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary legends, as well as features on food festivals and events.

Our editorial team consists of passionate writers, photographers, and Texas enthusiasts with a shared love for the Lone Star State. We approach every topic with curiosity and respect, celebrating the diverse perspectives that make Texas such a fascinating place to explore.

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Meet The Team

Robert McCall

Robert McCall

Founder of Texas Walkabout & Editor-in-Chief

Robert is a native Texan writer for TexasWalkabout, passionate about Texas culture and food, wearing cowboy boots daily. He interviews local pitmasters and chefs, tastes and reviews innovative dishes, and explores hidden gems and iconic landmarks. Graduating magna cum laude in Cyber Security from the University of Texas at San Antonio, Robert excels academically and professionally while also being knowledgeable in Texas history and culture. After living in Texas for over 28 years, he provides first-hand and trustworthy information for all your Texas needs!

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