What are the best Levi’s to wear with cowboy boots? (Explained)

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Wearing cowboy boots is a fashion statement.

Whether you’re a guy or gal, you want to look your best while wearing this iconic western-style footwear.

You hear that Levis is a good brand of jeans to pair with.

What are the best Levi's to wear with cowboy boots? (Explained)
What are the best Levi’s to wear with cowboy boots? (Explained)

Yet, is that true? In this article, we’ll discuss the answer to that question and more!

What are the best Levis to wear with cowboy boots? 

For 2022, there are 20 types to choose from.

This year there’s a huge selection of Levis for men and women both. Some types include Levi’s 501, 505, and 541.

Before the 1900s, Levis were considered “pants for the poor,” and were generally not favored by real cowboys.

However, not long after, people began preferring the “rugged” kind of Levi jeans, such as straight-leg or boot-cut.

What are the best Levis to wear with cowboy boots? 
What are the best Levis to wear with cowboy boots? 

These types allow the wearer to fit cowboy boots underneath the jean leggings.

With that being said, there is no real “best” kind of Levis to wear. It depends on your body type and what type of cowboy boots you want to pair with jeans.

For example, the Levi’s Men’s Slim Straight Jean isn’t ideal for cowboy boots with extra-wide shafts. A pair of boot-cut jeans would work better in those circumstances.

What can you wear with cowboy boots and jeans? 

Keep it simple, unless you’re Texan.

Unless you plan to work on a ranch very soon, the rule of thumb is to stick with one western-themed piece of clothing with your cowboy boots and jeans.

What can you wear with cowboy boots and jeans? 

Unless you want people to immediately think “Cowboy” when they see you, try to keep your attire casual.

Clothing like plain collared shirts or decorative belt buckles are known to pair well with just about any jean and cowboy boots combination.

A couple of things to avoid for casual cowboy boot wearers are cowboy hats and spurs.

However, depending on the scene you’ll be showing off in, such as a big city or rural area, dress appropriately for your environment.

For cities, it’s better if your outfit appears more “dressier” than someone who’s about to go to a rodeo.

What can you wear with cowboy boots and jeans? 

Out in the country, feel free to wear more than one piece of western-themed clothing, especially in states such as Texas.

What Levis do cowboys wear? 

Actually, real cowboys wear Wranglers!

According to one Texas journalist, it’s much better to wear a tough pair of Wrangler jeans around the real deal. Those folk consider others who wear Levis “drugstore cowboys,” and won’t be getting complimented anytime soon.

This isn’t just a brand preference in itself. Real cowboys use the “barbed-wire test” with their jeans.

What Levis do cowboys wear? 

They claim that a pair of Wrangler jeans won’t rip on barbed-wire, whereas a pair of Levis will.

However, it shouldn’t really matter which brand you go with. Both Wrangler and Levis can work with cowboy boots if you choose the right accessories to go with them.

What cut of jeans should I wear with cowboy boots? 

Boot-Cut, Wide/Relaxed Fit, and Regular/Straight Leg.

It’s not so much a matter of whether you should or not, but what feels the most comfortable. As mentioned earlier, you’ll need enough pant-leg space to work with just about any pair of cowboy boots out there.

A quick way to tell what doesn’t work is if you can’t slip your jeans over the boots in the first place.

Experts recommend avoiding slim jeans, for both men and women. These are different from skinny jeans, which can work when tucking the legs into cowboy boots.

If your boots are very wide at the shafts, consider getting boot-cut jeans. As the name implies, these jeans are designed to accommodate most boots.

Regular/straight leg and wide/relaxed fit are okay as well, but you might have to put in a little extra effort to fit those jeans together with your cowboy boots.

Again, pick out whatever combination feels comfortable to wear.

How should pants be worn with cowboy boots? 

In general, keep the boots tucked inside your jeans.

Unless you’re doing heavy-duty work, a good rule of thumb is to keep your jean legs on the outside.

Folks who tuck their jeans into their boots usually do so for safety purposes.

When riding a horse, cowboys will tuck in their jeans so they don’t get caught on anything while riding.

This is especially important when getting in and out of the saddle.

And for those working in rough outdoor conditions, avoid wearing baggy jeans. In fact, most rugged jobs will consider doing so unsafe!

Otherwise, cowboy boots look better when you cover the shafts up with your jeans. Unless you plan to go full western, keep those boots tucked in.

Final Thoughts

Remember, there is no “best” pair of Levis that will pair well with your cowboy boots.

As we come in all shapes and sizes, so do the clothes we wear.

Exercise careful judgement and pick out what works best for you.

Also, be aware of the environment you’ll be wearing your combination in. Styles can vary greatly when comparing people who live in the country with those dwelling in big inner cities.

Style is important, but won’t mean much if you’re uncomfortable in the clothing you wear. A pair of boot-cut jeans might work for the other person, but you may find them unbearable.

It helps to try on several pairs of jeans and cowboy boots to find the right fit.

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