New Orleans vs. Austin, Texas: Comparing Two Vibrant Cities

New Orleans, Louisiana, and Austin, Texas, are both vibrant cities, each with its unique charms and attractions. Whether you’re considering a visit or contemplating a move, comparing these two cities can help you make an informed decision.  In this blog post, we will explore the differences between New Orleans and Austin in terms of walkability, … Read more

How big is Boerne lake?

Nestled in the heart of Boerne, Texas, lies Boerne Lake, a tranquil oasis perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This beautiful lake covers approximately 100 acres of water[1] and is surrounded by an additional 100 acres of land that offers a multitude of activities for visitors[1]. This blog post will provide a comprehensive … Read more

Austin, TX vs. Boulder, CO: Which is better?

Austin, TX and Boulder, CO are both popular places to be moving these days. So, which is better? First, let’s talk about Austin. Austin is known for their food (obviously). A pro to living in Austin over Boulder is the range of food you can find here. On top of this, the price of food … Read more

Bugs in Austin Texas: Everything You Need To Know

Austin is quite a popular place for bugs to live. Across all 50 states, Austin has been ranked 4th in the most bug-related service requests. Let’s clarify first and foremost, that this doesn’t mean that Austin has more bugs than the other areas of the United States. Austin residents are the 4th most likely to … Read more

Is Austin, TX considered East or West? (A Texan Explains)

Austin is neither east or west Texas. Austin is actually considered central Texas. Austin, Texas is located in Central Texas within the Texas Hill Country.  Read on to discover more about the location of Austin, as well as East and West Texas! Does it really matter which one it is? It doesn’t really matter whether … Read more

Is Austin Texas A Desert? (Not all of it!)

Austin, TX is not a desert.  Austin receives around 35 inches of rain per year. A desert is classified as a region receiving less than 10 inches of rain per year.  Let’s dive into more detail of deserts in Texas!  Why Would Some People Think of Austin as a Desert? People can confuse Austin as … Read more

How Far is a Beach from Austin, TX? (Explained)

Austin is situated about 200 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, and there are plenty of spots to cool off and visit. Continue reading to learn more about beaches in Texas! The beach is about 3 hours from Austin, TX.  With the drive being around 3 hours, it’s recommended to make your trip weekend-long.  What … Read more