Austin, TX vs. Boulder, CO: Which is better?

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Austin, TX and Boulder, CO are both popular places to be moving these days. So, which is better?

First, let’s talk about Austin. Austin is known for their food (obviously). A pro to living in Austin over Boulder is the range of food you can find here.

On top of this, the price of food here is much cheaper than you will find in Boulder. The average you can expect to pay is $20 and under per person. 

Another aspect of Austin that is a popular spot for young people out of college. Walking around Austin, you are sure to find people in their middle or late twenties.

There is a large variety of day activities, as well as a popping nightlife scene. 

The last thing to mention about Austin is the range of possibilities for a career here.

Austin has been booming in the technology industry, and is well-known for its art culture. No matter what background you come from, there is a career to be found here in Austin. 

Now, let’s discuss Boulder. The main difference that stands out is the outdoor activities. You will never be bored in this area. It beats Austin in this regard in everything outside of wakeboarding/boating.

Biking, climbing, hiking, and skiing are just a few things to name that you can keep yourself busy with in this fun city!

The weather is also what most would consider ideal. Never too hot, but gets cold enough to enjoy some snow. Unlike Austin, you don’t have to deal with 5+ months of 100 degree weather. 

Now that we have discussed a bit of an overview of the two cities, let’s move forward and get into some more details!

Throughout this article, I will discuss the pros and cons of living in each place as well as which might be better based on your needs. 

Reasons to Move to Austin Over Boulder?

A few reasons to move to Austin over Boulder would include the food, cost of living, culture, and growing job market. 

Reason number 1: the food. In the last decade, Austin has positioned itself as one of America’s best foodie cities. It has gained talented chefs from the East and West Coasts.

While Austin is mostly known for its Tex-Mex, tasty breakfast tacos, & the juiciest barbecue – there is so much more to explore in this city. 

Reason number 2: the cost of living. The cost of living in Austin is 20.9% lower than Boulder.

Moving to Austin on a salary of $60,000/yr in Boulder would translate to a salary of $47,631/yr in Austin to maintain the same standard of living. 

Reason number 3: the culture. There is so much diversity of culture in Austin. It is really a jumble of different people and traditions. There is a place for everyone here!

Reason number 4: growing job market. Austin has continuously increased jobs over the years by 6%, or 70,900 jobs.

This makes it the seventh-best performing among 50 largest metro areas. 

These are just a few reasons why you may consider moving to Austin over Boulder!

Reasons to Move to Boulder over Austin?

A few reasons to move to Boulder over Austin would be the easy access to the outdoors, health-focused culture, and safety. 

Reason number 1: easy access to the outdoors. The active lifestyle and easy access to the outdoors is a huge pull for anyone who enjoys being outside.

There is easy access to mountains, rivers, and forests. The city contains more than 300 miles of bike lanes, routes, and trails. It’s hard to get bored here!

Reason number 2: the health-based culture. Healthy living and alternative health practices are a big deal in Boulder.

There are several spiritual healers, holistic health centers, and alternative healing practitioners. 

Reason number 3: safety. This area’s violent crime rate has been lower than the national rate for many years. 

Alternatively, here are some reasons to consider Boulder over Austin!

Is Boulder more Expensive than Austin?

Boulder, CO is more expensive to live in than Austin, TX. 

The cost of living in Austin, TX is 20.9% lower than  in Boulder, CO. Additionally, Boulder’s cost of living will impact your budget more than Austin’s. 

Is Living in Boulder Worth it?

Boulder, CO offers a lot of what people are looking for when they consider moving to a new part of the country. 

From college students to established parents, Boulder is viewed as an ideal spot. The active atmosphere and easy access to the outdoors continue to draw people seeking a new setting. 

Boulder has ranked No. 1 on the metro areas in the U.S. two years in a row. They didn’t get that title by being overrated. To determine the Best Places to Live rankings, U.S. News examined housing affordability, net migration, desirability, the job market and quality of life.

In the 150 most popular metro areas in the U.S., Boulder outranked the 149 other spots on the list.

There are obviously negatives to living anywhere, so you have to make a decision on if the pros are worth those negatives. 

Is Austin Cheaper Than Denver?

Denver, CO is more expensive to live in than Austin, TX. 

The cost of living in Denver, CO is 9.9% higher than Austin, TX. 

Is Austin or Denver Bigger?

Austin is significantly larger than Denver.

Denver covers about 153 miles of land, while Austin covers about 320 miles of land. In other words, Austin is more than double the size of Denver. 

Austin also has a larger population than Denver. 

Final Thoughts

Throughout this article, I discussed the pros and cons of living in each place. Really, the winner of Austin vs. Boulder is up to you. You decide what best fits your needs and wants, then go from there!