Why Do Cops Wear Cowboy Hats In Texas? (Explained)

Why Do Cops Wear Cowboy Hats in Texas? When someone thinks of Texas, often times, visions of the old west are conjured up with its cowboys, horses, gunfights, saloons, and signature hats coming to mind. In modern Texas, while there are still cowboys riding the range, cowboy hats have also become a part of the … Read more

Why do cowboy hats feel plastic? (Explained)

Cowboy hats have a wide brim that provides protection from the sun and the elements. These hats have been worn for hundreds of years.  A cowboy hat can be a great investment, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. However, you may have noticed that some high-quality cowboy hats feel a little like … Read more

Why do truck drivers wear cowboy hats? (Explained)

This was more common years ago than it is today. Back then truckers were regarded as the cowboys of the highway. They were just as much of an American hero as traditional cowboys or racecar drivers. At that time, their attire reflected that. It consisted of a plaid shirt, denim jeans, and yes, a cowboy … Read more

Where do you buy cowboy hats? (Explained)

In actuality there are many places from which you can buy cowboy hats. Which one you choose would be decided by the quality of the hat you want. If you want a genuine cowboy hat from the best makers, you would buy it directly from the manufacturer or in special western wear stores.  On the … Read more

Do cowboy hats protect from sun? (Explained)

Most of the people that wear cowboy hats during long, grueling days in the hot sun will answer yes to this question. The wide brim that juts out over the face and back of the neck do offer great protection from the sun. This is true of cowboy hats for men, women, and kids. Is … Read more

Can you wear a cowboy hat with a hoodie? (Explained)

Fashion trends have changed over the years. What used to be considered taboo is now acceptable. An example of this would be wearing a cowboy hat along with a hoodie. There are a couple of suggestions we would like to make so that you look good doing this and not silly. Relax and read this … Read more

6 Things To do With Old Cowboy Hats

In actuality there is a lot to do with your old cowboy hats. This is important to know because then you need not throw them in the trash. It would almost be a sin to throw away your old cowboy hats. So instead read our suggestions right here.  Wear them while doing dirty work If … Read more

Do Texas Rangers Wear Cowboy Hats? (Explained)

We’ve all seen Chuck Norris rock his Stetson cowboy hat in Walker Texas Ranger. The question is, do Texas Rangers really wear those things in real life? Well, the truth is that they do in fact wear cowboy hats. But they don’t have to wear them as a part of their uniforms, at least not … Read more

What Kind Of Cowboy Hats Do Texas Rangers Wear? (Explained)

The Texas Rangers have a long and exciting history since they were founded in 1823.  Today, they remain a legendary law enforcement agency that investigates crimes throughout the state of Texas. They have a distinctive look and are known for wearing cowboy hats. Do the Texas Rangers Wear Uniforms? The Texas Rangers don’t wear uniforms … Read more

How do cowboy hats stay on? (Explained)

Cowboy hats will usually stay on by themselves. Sometimes, though, you may need extra help to keep a cowboy hat on in the wind. Cowboy Hats Shape Themselves to Your Head When you wear a cowboy hat long enough, it gets broken in and shapes itself to fit exactly right on your head. It takes … Read more