Why Are Cowboy Boots so Slippery? (Explained)

When cowboy boots were popularized in the 1800s, virtually all boots had leather soles. Today, there are many different styles of boots on the market, including boots with rubber soles. While both types of boots have their advantages, leather soles don’t provide a lot of grip. If you’ve noticed that your boots seem to be … Read more

Ariat boots vs double h (Explained)

Ariat boots vs double h Ariat boots versus double h boots; both well-known brands of cowboy boots. Is one better than the other?  We will provide you with all the information to allow you to make that decision on your own accord.  Please read this article all the way until the end! What are double … Read more

Why are my cowboy boots so loud? (Explained)

If you’re asking why your cowboy boots are loud, you are not alone. An unfortunate feature of cowboy boots sometimes is announcing the wearer’s entrance into a room through loud squeaking. At first, this sound might not bother you (or those around you) too much. However, this sound can wear on even the most patient … Read more

Why do surgeons wear cowboy boots? (Explained)

You’ve seen them around. That slick leather-made footwear. Cowboy boots are worn by all kinds of people everywhere. Yet, do some professions allow them? What if that person were a surgeon? In this article, we’ll discuss the answer to that question and more! Why do surgeons wear cowboy boots? Some say they’re highly functional. When … Read more