Is Austin Texas Overrated? (An Austinite’s Perspective)

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Is Austin, Texas Overrated? 

Is Austin, Texas Overrated? 

Austin, Texas is a well-known city across the country. A common question many people keep asking: Is Austin, TX overrated? Well, it depends on your perspective. 

In this article, I will touch on the areas most recognized for being overrated in Austin, as well as some reasons why it’s worth the hype. 

Why Some People Would Think Austin is Overrated? 

Why Some People Would Think Austin is Overrated? 

There are a few common reasons why people think Austin is overrated. The ones at the top of the list are the traffic, the heat, the cost, and the number of people.

So, let’s get into ‘em! 

The traffic. As an Austinite myself, this has to be one of my least favorite things about this city. Austin is ranked in the country as one of the worst for traffic congestion. (18th in case you were wondering) If you have a commute to work everyday, be prepared to spend more time than you planned for in the car. 

The heat. It’s well-known that Texas is hot, but no one ever prepares you for how unbearable it actually is. Austin has broken records for being over 100 degrees for almost 70 days.

It gets old.

Fast. Not to mention, your electricity bill? Higher than you’ve ever seen. Unless you enjoy feeling like you’re walking around a sauna all day – Austin may not be right for you.

The cost. The city’s prices are enough to make you question your sanity. For a state that already has low wages, this city doesn’t quite care.

Anywhere downtown is going to be more than $1200 a month. (Yes, that includes less than 500 square feet apartments too) You’ll want to snag one of those in-demand tech jobs to live downtown!

The number of people. Austin has tons of things to do, as I’m sure you’ve seen.

From Barton Springs to ACL, there is always something happening. The thing is – everyone else wants to go too.

Thought you were going to shop on South Congress and pop in to a new restaurant?

Think again.

You will need a reservation for that. Oh, also, parking is a nightmare. Good luck!

Why do some people think Austin is NOT overrated?

Why do some people think Austin is NOT overrated?

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. Yes, there are things about Austin that aren’t so great. But – what about all the things that make up for it? Like the food, the people, the nature, and of course the live music. 

The food. Austin, TX has no shortage of great food. I was told that if you try the same restaurants twice, you are doing Austin wrong. From barbecue to Tex-Mex, even to healthy food.

Austin has it all. Let’s put it this way – you’ll constantly be wondering where you should try next!

The people. Austin is special. –And the reason Austin is special is the people. They take pride in the diversity here.

The people of this city create a euphoric atmosphere that contains the basis of community, family, and being unique. Keeping Austin Weird will never lose its touch. 

The nature. Sure, Austin is a city. But, something uncommon is the abundance of nature incorporated throughout the city. There’s something for everyone.

From the Greenbelt to Lady Bird Lake to Zilker, pick your piece of happiness. 

The live music. Austin is called the Live Music Capital of the world for a reason.

There are over 250 music venues to choose from. Everyone likes music, and Austin has every type. Whether you’re into festivals or slow jazz in a club –Austin’s got you covered. 

How expensive is Austin to Live In

How expensive is Austin to Live In

Austin isn’t cheap. The average rent is around $1450 a month.

The city-wide average rent can be confusing. There is a big difference in rent in the downtown area (around $2500), and a bit outside of the city (as low as $1000).

Quick tip* – live with roommates to significantly lower your monthly rent. 

If you’re interested in buying, the average cost for a home is about $450,000. 

Your utilities will sum up to about $150 a month. This includes electricity, gas, trash pickup, and water. The internet here runs at about $62 a month.

The food cost can vary greatly. For eating out, expect to pay anywhere from $15-50. Most residents’ monthly grocery bill is around $300. 

Transit costs depend on your transportation type. Gas prices have fluctuated from up to $3.50 down to $1.45.

The public transportation services charge $1.50 for a single ride, and $2.50 for day passes.

Rideshares have also become popular, but keep in mind that a ride from an outlying suburb to downtown can cost up to $30. 

When to Consider Moving out of Austin

A good time to evaluate leaving Austin is rental increase. 

This is the most common reason for moving out of the city. Renters saw a 108% increase since last year. That’s the largest in the nation. So, you could say that’s a pretty good reason for leaving. 

When to Consider Moving out of Austin

Another common reason people leave is to get out of the city scene. Many young families head to more rural areas to raise their children. 

When to Consider Moving to Austin

Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. There are endless opportunities for anyone in this city!

When to Consider Moving to Austin

If you are looking for a new job, consider moving to Austin.

The job opportunities are what attracts so many young professionals, families, and students to this city.

Picture yourself at Google, Apple, Oracle, or Tesla! So exciting!

Want an amazing work-life balance? Look no further. Austin is the best of both worlds. With many companies offering remote working, or offer a cool office– you won’t hate your job!

After work, imagine going for a run along the boardwalk. Or go grab a drink with some friends at one of the vibey bars. 

Also, if you aren’t a fan of cold weather–just move here. No questions.

Final Thoughts

Austin, like any other city, has its set of pros and cons. If you are considering moving in or out of Austin, evaluate what you are wanting in your city. 

It’s all up to preference. Austin may not be right for everyone. So, pick your pros and cons and do what is best for you!