Editorial Policies

Editorial Policies

Ownership, Funding Info, and Advertising Policy TexasWalkabout.com is a Texas-based blog dedicated to sharing experiences, adventures, and insights about the Lone Star State. The blog is independently owned and operated, with the majority of its revenue generated from programmatic advertising through respected ad platforms such as Google. This ensures that the editorial staff at TexasWalkabout.com is not influenced by direct sales opportunities with brands or advertisers. The editorial staff is also not involved in operating the programmatic advertising business, maintaining their independence from significant revenue-generating activities. Ads displayed on the site do not reflect the views of TexasWalkabout.com and do not impact our coverage.

In the event our sales team closes an advertising campaign, affiliate link, or sponsorship, the posts will be clearly labeled with a disclosure statement.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inform and engage our readers, telling them everything they need to know, want to know, and didn’t know they wanted to know about Texas. We strive to provide a well-rounded reading experience, whether that’s the latest news or a break from everyday life.

Fact-Checking Policy

Accuracy in reporting

Whenever we publish an article, we work diligently to ensure that everything we write is accurate and up to date. If we discover an error, we promptly update and correct the mistake.

When revisiting older articles, we check them for accuracy and ensure they’re up to date, providing our readers with the best news and information available.

Sourcing and quotations

We take our commitment to facts and accuracy very seriously. We make every effort to trace facts and information back to their original sources and include links to primary and secondary sources for full transparency. If we cannot support an assertion, we don’t make it.

We prioritize using direct quotes from the subjects of our articles, ensuring that we use their words fairly and accurately.

Ethics Policy Our editorial staff emphasizes fairness in our stories. We report events in context and convey the big picture to our readers. We strive to consider different perspectives and avoid conflicts of interest in our coverage. When we receive free products, exclusive interviews, or other access, we disclose this information in relevant articles.

Types of content

We clearly identify articles containing our editorial opinions, such as product reviews, local attractions, or rankings. We also use a prominent disclosure statement to transparently inform readers when articles include affiliate links or other sponsorships.

Public figures

Our coverage focuses on public figures and events, ensuring that we respect the privacy of those who never sought publicity or attention.


We aim for a diverse group of writers and editors to represent various opinions and perspectives on the topics we cover. We also have guidelines and trainings for diversity, equity, and inclusion to celebrate all cultures and make all readers feel welcomed, seen, and understood.

Corrections Policy

We take accuracy very seriously and correct any errors or omissions as soon as they’re discovered. An updated timestamp is placed at the top of each article when changes are made. We also add a dated explanatory note to articles when significant corrections are needed, showing our commitment to accuracy and accountability.

If you have a correction for an article, it can be submitted at (210)-400-6344 or staff@texaswalkabout.com