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Robert McCall

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As one of the first writers for TexasWalkabout, Robert has had the unique opportunity to engage with multiple major figures in the Texas food scene and beyond.

He has interviewed local pit-masters at renowned barbecue joints, as well as chefs from popular Tex-Mex restaurants across the state, all while proudly wearing his cowboy boots every day as a testament to his love for Texas culture.

Robert was among the first to taste and review innovative dishes from well-known Texas eateries, giving his readers a sneak peek into exciting culinary developments.

His passion for food and travel knows no bounds, as he has explored both the hidden gems and iconic landmarks of the Lone Star State.

From dining at the top of the Tower of the Americas in San Antonio to road-tripping across Texas, seeking out the best barbecue joints and outdoor dining experiences, Robert has embraced the spirit of adventure and the rich culture of his home state.


Robert Hiking in one of the best Texas State Parks - Lost Maples!
Robert Hiking in one of the best Texas State Parks – Lost Maples!

Robert, a native-born Texan, has spent his entire 27 years living in the Lone Star State. He has immersed himself in Texas culture, from smoking barbecue to exploring state parks and wearing cowboy boots daily.

Having visited and lived in just about every major city in Texas, Robert has developed a deep understanding of the state’s unique offerings and diverse experiences.

One of Robert's Favorite walking paths while he was living in Austin, Texas!
One of Robert’s Favorite walking paths while he was living in Austin, Texas!

Throughout his life, Robert has honed his skills in smoking barbecue, creating mouthwatering dishes that showcase Texas’ rich culinary traditions. His passion for outdoor adventures has led him to explore many of the state’s beautiful parks, appreciating the natural beauty and history of Texas.

Robert’s love for Texas and its culture has inspired him to share his experiences with others. By documenting his travels, culinary adventures, and daily life on social media, Robert provides a genuine and personal perspective of what it’s like to be a true Texan. His insights into the state’s iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and local flavors allow others to experience and appreciate the wonders of Texas through his eyes.


Robert McCall Graduation

Robert graduated magna cum laude from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security. Excelling academically, he finished at the top of his class with a 3.9 GPA.

In addition to his outstanding academic achievements, Robert holds several certifications in his day job, demonstrating his expertise in the field of cyber security.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Robert is also well-versed in Texas history and culture.

His passion for the Lone Star State has led him to explore its rich heritage, allowing him to share valuable insights and stories about the unique traditions and experiences that define Texas.

Family History

Robert’s family lineage also has deep Texas roots, dating all the way back to the Battle of the Alamo. His ancestor, Issac Ryan, was one of the 188 brave souls defending Texas Freedom in San Antonio, Texas.

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