Texaswalkabout is a Native Texan who loves to travel, go on hikes, spend time with his dog Mara, and much much more!

Robert (the Texaswalkabout) is a native texan, born and raised in the hill country located just north of San Antonio. Throughout his 27 years living in Texas, he has obtained first hand experience in the things that makes Texas so unique. That includes western wear, state parks, and various cities located throughout the state.

Meet Texas Walkabout

Our Values

1. Texas over everything! I grew up here in Central Texas, deep in the hill country.

2. I am an avid BBQ’er and am quite skilled in smoking the best briskets around town.

3. As someone who loves the outdoors, I spend quite a bit of time out walking on trails with my dog mara!

4. I’m also passionate about keeping myself busy, so I am always picking up new hobbies in technology, gardening, and design.